Creating Space for the Higher Energy Flow

As we surround ourselves with positivity, the joy of life and all the energies that surround us endeavor to lend that extra dash to our daily existence and instill a sense of serenity and harmony. Living a healthy, balanced life, in harmony with the elements of nature, being conscious of its gifts to us and our responsibilities towards nature translates the existence into living. The more we make ourselves sensitive and receptive of the immense positivity and energy that the subtle vehicles carry with them, more elevated becomes our existence, gradually elevating it to the level of Conscious Living. It is not just what we eat alone, but what we do and how we do it that defines our ascent to this level. Reflecting in what we wear, how we live, in our actions and in our thought process. In being conscious of our actions, our thoughts become more receptive of higher energies.

Thoughtfully chosen and placed objects and artifacts, strains of mellifluous and inspiring music, purifying incense and water bodies in metals that are good conductors of energy not only act subtly on our mental state, these draw in positivity and makes it linger around us longer, creating a connect with Nature, the sublime source of all energies.