The conscious one lives in close harmony with his inner self and the elements of nature.


“Ish” is the supreme power that governs the universe. Synonymous with Ishwar - ‘The Lord’. the wielder of this primordial power has been given the name Adi Yogi or Shiva in Hindu scriptures. The sacred spaces where his power manifests itself in all its resplendent glory is Ishana. CONSCIOUS LIVING


Away from the cliches of India projected to the world since long, Ishana is a hymn, a prayer to the enlightened, golden past that was steeped in the awareness of itself and of its surroundings. Conscious of what it took from the nature, conscious of what it gave back and conscious of how it made use of what it did take. Inspired from this sublime ethos, Ishana brings forth the best of ancient traditions, arts and crafts and therapies to the global audience.

In being cognizant of the immense power of Nature and its elements, Ishana celebrate the Joy of life and living in complete harmony with them and thus finding it within our own selves, as we advance on the path of becoming one with that supreme power that manifests itself in all forms. Join us on this path towards Conscious Living.


Sage Patanjali is credited with the creation of Yoga Sutra ó the treatise that elaborates Yoga as a system of mental abstraction ó a formal yoga philosophy. This treatise, more than commonly perceived postures known as Asanans; is a system for control of mind. Defined in the second sutra as an underlying foundation of his entire work is the premise:

(yogas citta-vritti-nirodha) - Yoga Sutras 1.2

Translated as 'Yoga is the inhibition of the modifications of the mind'
The Yoga Sutras are also the basis of 'Ashtanga Yoga' ("Eight-Limbed Yoga'). These Eight Limbs can be described thus:

  • Yama: Abstentions: Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (Truth, non-lying), Asteya (non-covetousness), Brahmacharya (non-sensuality, celibacy), and Aparigraha (non-possessiveness).
  • Niyama: Observances: Shaucha (purity), Santosha (contentment), Tapas (austerity), Svadhyaya (study of the Vedic scriptures to know about God and the soul), and Ishvara-Pranidhana (surrender to God).
  • Asana: Posture: Patanjali's Sutras refers to the,* seated position used for meditation.
  • Pranayama: Suspending Breath: Prana, breath, 'Payama', to restrain or stop. Also interpreted as control of the life force.
  • Pratyahara: Abstraction: Withdrawal of the sense organs from external objects.
  • Dharana: Concentration: Fixing the attention on a single object.
  • Dhyana: Meditation: Intense contemplation of the nature of the object of meditation.
  • Samidhi: Liberation: merging consciousness with the object of meditation.

Yoga is a practical method of reaching one's potential as well as an antidote to stress and means to fulfillment. Meditation is the tool that helps 'quieting of the mind field' and thus facilitates the journey towards the final objective. Ishana's consecrated energy spaces such as the Healing Pool support introspection and bring about the feeling of upliftment.


We are what we eat. Extrapolating the same logic, we can assume that we would feel better, live longer, healthier and more productive lives if we ate good food laden with nutrients from the nature. With a wide range of foods available for our consumption, the one that is actively and enthusiastically favored over the rest by food and nutrition experts is locally grown.

A host of benefits are attributed to locally grown produce over the others. Most local foods present a wide range of choice of seasonal foods. Being seasonal, it is fresh and far more delicious and definitely more nutritious. Being locally produced, it has far less impact on the environment and a smaller carbon footprint. The chefs of the region would also know how to turn the local produce into gourmet food with their time-tested recipes, bursting with local flavor.

Greater food safety comes with knowing the origins of the food and its source. Eating fresh does away with preservatives, ripening agents and other chemical additives helping the body receive the true and natural essence and nutrition.

Slow and macrobiotic foods cooked in less oil and minimal processing provide the positive energy to the body and helps it remain healthy, attuned to nature and responsible towards the nature and environment.

A whole range of local specialties created with traditional recipes find the pride of place at Ishana.


According to Ayurveda, the three doshas or dispositions namely Vaata, Pitta and Kapha are the functional intelligences governing the body mind complex. These energies manifest in the body through their qualities, specific sites, and the active roles they play in orchestrating the processes that create and sustain the body. These energies are responsible for the things happening in the organism. Any aspect related to metabolic function and its relationship to health and disease boils down to the harmonious actions of the three doshas.

The underlying tenet of Ayurveda is to understand that any imbalance in the doshas is what really triggers the disease process. Ayurveda encourages the prevention of imbalance and restoration of balance through the management of the doshas with a natural, common sense regime that includes proper diet and lifestyle, Ayurvedic herbs and herbal preparation, as well daily healthy routines, yoga and meditation practices suited to the individual's unique constitution, Ayurvedic therapies for relaxation and rejuvenation, and Panchakarma for deep detoxification of body.

Ayurvedic theory asserts that building a healthy metabolic system, attaining good digestion and proper excretion leads to vitality. Ayurveda also focuses on exercise, yoga, and meditation for a healthy mind and body.

Two oldest forms of prevention, cure and wellbeing enable one to not just live in harmony with nature, but also help one benefit from the science of enhancing the healing and rejuvenating properties of the natural elements.

A range of these products, made in accordance with the tenets of the sacred and revered treatises on health and longevity offer the benefits of natural ingredients. Their benefits heal from within, at the cause of health issues, bring harmony between the mind, body and spirit with its holistic medicinal system. Ishana's wide range of medicine brings health and wellness to its patrons along with complementary consultation with an Ayurvedic Doctor.


The centeróstone of the practice of Ayurvedic medicine and care is Hygiene. The tenets of Ayurveda elaborated this as regular bathing, cleansing of teeth, skin care, eye cleansing and oil application. Ayurveda is the treasure trove of plant based medicines and treatments and a wide range of plant based medicines including cardamom and cinnamon are employed for the same. It also includes the practice of adding minerals like silver, copper and gold to prescriptions. This practice of adding minerals to herbal medicines was known as Rasa Shastra.

The therapeutic properties of each plant and its part are documented in Ayurveda. The treatise elaborates on the benefits of various combinations and methods of preparation of these therapeutic lotions, balms, poultices etc. Usage of various oils for consumption and anointing, smearing, head massage etc are prescribed along with their benefits for healthy living.

Ishana recognizes the benefits of the Ayurvedic system of well-being and offers a wide range of health care products prepared in accordance with the tenets of Ayurveda.


As we surround ourselves with positivity, the joy of life and all the energies that surround us endeavor to lend that extra dash to our daily existence and instill a sense of serenity and harmony. Living a healthy, balanced life, in harmony with the elements of nature, being conscious of its gifts to us and out responsibilities towards nature translates the existence into living. The more we make ourself sensitive and receptive of the immense positivity and energy that the subtle vehicles carry with them, mote elevated becomes out existence, gradually elevating it to the level of Conscious living. It is not just what we eat alone, but what we do and how we do it-defines our ascent to this level. Reflecting in what we wear, how we live and out actions is our thought process. In being conscious of our actions, our thoughts become more receptive of the higher energies.

Thoughtfully chosen and placed objects and artifacts, strains of mellifluous and inspiring music, purifying incense and water bodies in Ad, metals that ate good conductors of energy not only act subtly on our mental state, these draw in positivity and makes it linger around us longer, creating a connect with Nature, the sublime sources of all energies.


Music is the elixir of life and the performing arts are a gateway to being one with the higher I orbs of life. Arts and crafts adorn and embellish our existence and enrich it all the same. In their various forms,the performing arts and crafts express and evoke the innermost feelings and awakening the very core of our selves.
These Navrasa or the nine flavors/essence woven into these performing arts by the artists and savored by the spectator with a sensitive heart and positive mind explore the recesses of our bring bringing about elation as well as catharsis. The Nine Rasas are:
Shringar: Love, attractiveness; Hasya: Laughter, mirth, comedy; Raudram: Fury; Karunyam: Compassion, mercy; Bibhitsam: Disgust, aversion; Bhayanakam: Horror, terror. Viram: Heroic mood. Adbhutam : Wonder, Amazing. Bantam: Peace, tranquility. Two more Rasas that are recognized are: Vatsalya: Parental Love and Bhakti: Spiritual Devotion.
Music move the mind, stirs the soul and along with other arts, is a true mirror of the culture. Embracing these elements helps one embrace and enriches the culture and thereby enriches one's life tool.


Staying in touch with nature isn't quite as simple as a morning walk in manicured lawns. Staying in touch with nature is being open and receptive to it. Being able to hear what it is telling you and often answering its questions, heeding its gentle reminders.
The journey begins with incorporating a bit of nature into every action and thought. Being conscious of what we do and its impact on the environment around us and giving back to the environment in every way.
Getting away from chemicals and embracing the organic instead; Refusing, Reusing and Recycling becoming the mantra of daily life and exercising our discretion with regards to what and how we consume take us onwards on the path of being one with the nature.
Ishana lends a hand towards the same with its conscious products and services, supporting the endeavor in its own way and offering a channel to others to embrace it in their own lives as well.


Ishana is an experiential space that brings the idea of Conscious Living - the Indian Way to visitors by way of rich narrative spaces, life-positive products and services. We are the celebration of an India where age old spiritual & scientific & wisdom brings simplicity, purity and harmony to life today. We encourage all people to explore and engage with our spaces, to discover the essence of explore and engage with our spaces, to discover the essence of Conscious Indian Living and, through our products and services offer them a channel to embrace it in their lives. Our spaces, products and services are rich in detail, story and craft, and seek to enrich, energize and inspire visitors to celebrate life and living. We are not merely a destination, but a window and guide to the journey towards a long-term, fulfilling life experience.


Ishana aspires to help every human being live in perfect harmony with their own inner selves and with nature. It therefore seeks to constantly and consistently reach our to people across the globe and ‘touch’ their lives with the philosophy of Conscious Living. To accomplish this objective, Ishana aims to broaden its presence through its India Experience Centers in all major cities around the world.


Ishana recognizes the importance of being healthy in mind, body and spirit. Man’s interaction with Nature is the primal source of this balance and the awareness of this relationship is fundamental towards maintaining this delicate equilibrium. Through a variety of tangible and intangible services Ishana helps to consciously and continuously restore and nurture this balance, helping its patrons live in close harmony with their own inner self and the elements of nature, bringing them closer to the true essence of ‘Fine Living’.


Ishana is a symbiotic mix of several elements, waiting to be explored at your will and choice, bringing together the unique Ishana Experience. Even before you step in, the experience beckons you with its sights and sounds, transporting you to a different, enchanting world as you enter into ’The abode of Gods’. The various events and engagements at Ishana help invite you to savor this electric mix of tangible and intangible experience that embody the true Spirit and essence of this land.


Even before you see what is in store for you at Ishana, it is the strains of mellifluous music that greet you and transport you into a world of serenity. Music played upon various Indian musical instruments creates an inviting ambience making you sit by and listen a little bit more or even request the musicians for your favorite piece.


A healthy mind and body enables one to enjoy the gifts of life to the maximum. The Ayurvedic Consultant at Ishana helps you make the necessary lifestyle adjustments and recommends Ayurvedic medicine in accordance with your body type and ailments, helping you heal with the ancient Indian system of life science and bringing you closer to the nature and its elements.


The fluid space lends itself gracefully to a montage of works by renowned contemporary Indian artists. Arts and crafts in a variety of medium are displayed at Ishana, available to be viewed at your will or to be acquired. Sculpture, Canwas, Photographs or Prints, Ishana presents you with a variety of options to be explored at leisure.


Craftsmen from different regions of India offer a live display of traditional art forms. Witness artists demonstrate famous painting techniques like Madhubani from Bihar and Miniature Painting from Rajasthan or fashion alluring, brightly colored ornamental pieces with Paper Mache from kashmir. Watch them make masterpieces right in front of you or own a piece of art and craft created by the artisans especiallyfor you.


Astrlogy assumes that celestial placements can aid in the interpretation of past and present events, and in the prediction of future. Understand what your stars hold in store for you with the help of our astrologer.


You might walk in at Ishana and find a Mehandi wali (henna Tatto Artist) and Churi wala (Bangle Seller) lending the feel of an Indian bazaar at festival time or a puppeteer recreating the royal courts of Rajasthan and can also be a part of various ongoing special promotions. At any given time, Ishana is replace with the sights, sounds and experiences true to India and its vibrant colorful ethos.

Breathtaking Examples of Wildlife Nature Photography

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Nature has the unmatched ability to restore, rejuvenate and reenergise the health and wellness of its subjects. Ancient cultures are famous for their deep and complete understanding of this healing power as well as their ability to utilize these well-kept secrets to their advantage. Ishana Nature Spa is the one that brings the secrets of Indian Knowledge and Asian heritage to the Spa Scenario. Inspired and directed by traditional therapies and natural ingredients, Ishana Nature Spa offers succor and relaxation through indulgent and pure spa products and deeply rejuvenating therapies expertly imparted by trained and experienced therapists.

Touch can have healing powers and infants are introduced to touch in the form of massage right after birth. It is considered beneficial for the infants as it deepens breathing rhythm, induces relaxation, aids, digestion and stimulates the immune system. Dais (women specially trained in this art) perform this daily ritual for the babies and thus is born the relationship of touch and response that stays with the individual through a lifetime.

Traditionally, the Guru (spiritual guide) was equated to God and disciples sought his blessings, paid respects and expressed complete devotion by touching his feet. They pressed their Guru’s feet in a gentle, massage like manner to perform seva (service) and to provide him and rest and relaxation. In response, a benevolent and gracious touch of the Guru on the disciple’s forehead made him feel blessed.

At our spa, we equate our guests with God and approach them with the same reverence, respect and desire to serve. The therapies performed at Ishana are therefore not just Ayurveda on a Spa table; they are a mileu of touch and response, respect, nourishment, and desire to provide rest and relaxation to anyone who is keen to receive it.


Padma Vrinda, Lotus cluster
Foot Ritual
30 minutes
INR 950
45 minutes
INR 1300
Jwalini Oil: aromatic stimulant, treat skin disorder
Prana Prasanga, Context of Life
Energising Back Massage
30 minutes
INR 1200
Sahaj Ananda, Simple Pleasure
Relaxing Head Massage
20 minutes
INR 850
Sukh Anubhuti, Pleasurable Experience
Head, Shoulder, Back Massage
40 minutes
INR 1300
Prameya,Proven measured results
Indian Heritage Massage (Dry Body Massage)
45 minutes
INR 2300
Arunabha, The orange glow of the rising sun
Facial ingredients
Facial massage creme with Vitamin E
Exfoliating face pack
Rose hydrating facial mist
30 minutes
INR 1100
Kumudini Gentle water-lilies floating on a calm pond Manicure
40 minutes
INR 700
Kiwi Hand & Nail creme
Walnut Mint scrub
Charan Pakhraj, Cleasing of feet
40 minutes
INR 850
Walnut Mint food scrub
Sweet Almont foot creme
Lemongrass foot spray
All price are inclusive of taxes


Inspired by the rich and vast culinary expertise of each region, the Regal Cafe presents the classic generational recipes specific to each state. Saver the popular snacks, authentic dishes and refreshing beverages from different regions of India prepared the traditional way using the signature spices and ingredients. A special ‘grab and go’ section allows you to carry a taste of India with you!



Grab n Go
  Kutchi Dhabeli-Kutch/ Gujarat
INR 90
  (A popular snack made with tangy spiced potatoes)
  Batata Vada Pav- Maharashtra
INR 90
  (Classic batter- fried snack made with spicy potatoes)
  Paneer Kulcha Sandwich
INR 90
  (Spicy cottage cheese feeling stuffed in leavened bread)
  Khasta Kachori- Rajasthan
INR 90
  (Crisp fried patty with spiced onion stuffing)
  Shahi Samosa- All Over India
INR 95
   (Popular indian short crust pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes)
   Gobi Samosa
INR 95
 (Short crust pastry stuffed with spiced potatoes and cauliflowers)
 Paneer Tikka - Punjab
INR 140
 (Creamy cottage cheese marinated in tulsi(Holy Basil) and black pepper, char grilled in an open oven)
 Malabar Vegetable Cutlet-Kerala
INR 120
 (Grilled patties with minced vegetables, seasoned with traditional and authentic malabar spices)
 Papadi Chat
INR 140
 (Melange of spices & yogahurt with flattened and fried flour diskettes.)
 Bhel Puri - Maharashtra
INR 120
 (A crunchy, tangy and delightful mix of puffed rice, peanuts, spices and fresh seasonings.)
 Raj Kachori
INR 195
 (Sweet and sour yoghurt based appetizer served in a wholesome and appealing way.)
 Gol Gappa
INR 120
 (Semolina balls filled with tangy mint flavored water, served with accompaniments.)
INR 120
 (Famous gujarati snack prepared with gram, yoghurt, tempered with mustard seeds and curry leaves.)
INR 90
 (Sparkling lemonade with cranberry juice)
 Tender Coconut Water
INR 90
 (Hygienically extracted from tender coconuts)
INR 95
 (Milk flavored with nuts and spices)
 Badaam Milk
INR 110
 (Milk flavored with almonds and a hint of cardamom)
 Lassi (Sweet, Salty, Rose St Mango)
INR 110
 (Flavored beverage made with yoghurt)
 Jal Jeera
INR 95
 (Cool & Refreshing melange of mint, roasted cumin and rock salt)
INR 95
 (Especially prepared in the colder months, kanji draws its unique sour taste from crushed mustard seeds and black carrot)
 Aam Patina
INR 110
 (A classic home made beverage that refreshes with its sweet and sour raw mango flavor)
Hot Beverages
 Masala Tea + Accompaniment
INR 140
 Jasmine Green Tea
INR 110
 Holy Basil Green Tea
INR 110
 Kashmiti Kahwa Tea
INR 110
 Basil Lemon Tea
INR 110
 Assam High Elevation Tea
INR 110
 Darjeeling High Elevation Tea
INR 110
 Gulab Jamun
INR 75
INR 75
 Matka Kulfi
INR 170



Conscious Living is not merely living our own lives in tune with Nature, it is a wider concept which also extends to the society we live in. It encompasses being aware of our responsibilities and consciously giving back to the same, enriching lives of those around us. Ishana aims to support the under-privileged in all possible ways to help people with the basic necessities of life like food, shelter, education and health-care. A step in this direction is the Ishana Fellowship Program.

Instead of passively donating a particular amount to random charities, this program takes active part in development and in creating a palpable difference in the lives of under-privileged children. In keeping with Ishana's vision to develop a platform for the same, Ishana employs full-time professionals to further raise awareness, involvement and resources for the program. Ishana is committed towards creating a team of young Change Makers who have the passion and determination to bring about continuous change in the environment. While these Change Makers are currently engaged in the field of education, Ishana is committed to add more such Change Makers to address the areas of health and wellóbeing. Working on the principle of 'Paying it forward' this program takes care of a team of professions who go forward and positively impact the lives of the under-privileged through different programs and in varied areas of life, thus creating a multiplier effect while fulfilling Ishana's objective of inclusive and involved development.


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